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Happy to be home…

After a peaceful 4 days in Hocking Hills I am now back home.

It was wonderful to spend quiet time away.

My favorite part of the trip was a thunderstorm that came through. Since there were so many trees I hadn’t really looked up at the sky to notice the clouds headed my way. So the first sign of the storm was a loud roar of thunder. It jolted me into a fast, deep awareness of God. Psalm 104:7 reads, “At Your command, the water fled; at the sound of YOUR thunder, it hurried away.” I love that… it is HIS thunder! God is sovereign.

Sovereign… such a big word. Not a word I fully grasp. Supreme power. Permanent authority. Self-governing. Nothing happens without God’s awareness. Nothing. A leaf doesn’t even fall to the ground without His knowledge. It’s hard for my finite human mind to comprehend such power. Thankfully I don’t need to fully comprehend it. He asks if I will trust Him. Trust doesn’t mean He answers to me. Or that I have to ‘make sense’ of everything that happens. Even though I have no explanation for why He allows pain, deep pain, to continue on in this fallen world I still trust Him. I trust Him.

The news

My son died on August 8, 2012.  Tears well up as I type these words.

Drey meant the world to me.

He committed suicide.  “Committed.”  Implying it was a crime.  People “commit” murder.  My son was no criminal.  He took his own life.

Drey had just graduated high school and had just celebrated his 19th birthday.

He was my only child.