Support Group

A Friend on the Walk

A Christian-based Survivor of Suicide Support Group

Environmental awareness and protection concept

Call to register & get information: 614-427-2565.

This 10-week class is  open to everyone – not just Christians.

For this Fall, the group will be limited to women.

We will meet on Monday’s beginning September 11, 2017 and go through November 13, 2017.


There is a $10 fee for the 10-week class. This money goes towards resources and snacks that will be provided.

AFOTW is a peer-facilitated group – meaning the people who organize and facilitate the discussion have also been personally impacted by a suicide loss.

Topics we will explore include but are not limited to…

  • Five areas of impact of suicide grief: Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual.
  • Common misconceptions about suicide & grief – both biblical and secular misconceptions.
  • How to care for ourselves.
  • How to ask for help/let others help.
  • Where was God?
  • What does the bible say about suicide?
  • How we begin to integrate this loss into our life. We don’t “resolve” it. There is no such thing as “closure.”

At the end of 10 weeks an AFOTW group participant can expect…

  • An understanding of how grief is unique for each person.
  • An understanding of some common grief reactions to suicide loss. We recognize not everyone’s experience is the same. We hope to “normalize” this journey without “minimizing” it.
  • Knowledge of encouraging bible scriptures including information on what the bible says about suicide.
  • Access to additional resources including books, community resources including mental health professionals, and church recommendations if requested.
  • To make at least one new friend.

What to expect at your first group meeting…

  • A warm, welcoming group of facilitators.
  • Prayer at the beginning and the end of our time together.
  • Respect. For you, for your unique loss, and for your feelings.
  • An opportunity to share a little bit – or nothing at all – about your loss or your journey.
  • Take home resources. We will bring relevant helpful handouts.
  • Snacks and beverages.