Happy to be home…

After a peaceful 4 days in Hocking Hills I am now back home.

It was wonderful to spend quiet time away.

My favorite part of the trip was a thunderstorm that came through. Since there were so many trees I hadn’t really looked up at the sky to notice the clouds headed my way. So the first sign of the storm was a loud roar of thunder. It jolted me into a fast, deep awareness of God. Psalm 104:7 reads, “At Your command, the water fled; at the sound of YOUR thunder, it hurried away.” I love that… it is HIS thunder! God is sovereign.

Sovereign… such a big word. Not a word I fully grasp. Supreme power. Permanent authority. Self-governing. Nothing happens without God’s awareness. Nothing. A leaf doesn’t even fall to the ground without His knowledge. It’s hard for my finite human mind to comprehend such power. Thankfully I don’t need to fully comprehend it. He asks if I will trust Him. Trust doesn’t mean He answers to me. Or that I have to ‘make sense’ of everything that happens. Even though I have no explanation for why He allows pain, deep pain, to continue on in this fallen world I still trust Him. I trust Him.

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