Blessed by friends and memories

I had coffee with a dear friend today.  She’s been in my life for over 20 years.  I am blessed to have so many close friends.  Like – real close.  Not just work buddies who go their separate ways when they don’t work together any more. 

She shared about her & her husband watching TV recently and they saw a little boy that reminded them of Drey.  They both said it – they both realized it.  So sweet.  So, so sweet to know this.  It is a heavy weight a Mom carries… the weight of keeping the memory of her child alive.  It’s precious as others share memories of Drey with me. I love hearing what they remember. And God does it ever feel good to smile when I think of him!

This is a picture from one of our Florida vacations. It was 2005. I love the look on David’s face – he was clearly so impressed with Drey’s cannon ball abilities! Sweet memory.

Cannon Ball 2005 - Drey impresses David!

Cannon Ball 2005 – Drey impresses David!

2 thoughts on “Blessed by friends and memories

  1. Hi Denise- I met with a new friend today. New in that I just met her today but we have been talking on the phone. She lost her son a year ago to heroine and a client of Paul’s gave us her name. So now I feel like I have a sorority of sorts. Moms who have lost their children and all having that same weight you talk of…. keeping the memory of our child alive!!!! One thing I decided to do this Christmas is to have family and friends make a donation in Matt’s name and write it out in an envelope. I am putting them in his stocking and on Christmas morning when Matt normally would be opening his to find Chipotle and gas gift cards, we can at least go through his stocking and read all of the donations given for worthy causes. It at least will take a little of the sting out knowing that someone will benefit from our loss. Don’t know if this is something you would want to do or not, but thought I would share just the same. My heart and thoughts are with you. Ellen

    • What an awesome idea. Maybe something I’ll do next year. For this year I plan to re-read the cards I rec’d last year that shared a memory of Drey. But I know I’ll want to do something that has him part of Christmas for the entire family – not just me – as we go forward. Thx for sharing.
      Always so good to hear from you Ms Ellen. I think of you often.
      Praying for a peaceful Christmas for you.

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