Pets become part of our family. I will miss my Pierre.

Drey with Rudy & Pierre.   Ready for Christmas. 2001

Drey with Rudy & Pierre.
Ready for Christmas.

Pierre. My sweet 14 year old min pin. At least I was told he was a min pin when I adopted him in January 2001. We were never quite sure because he’s bigger than the normal min pin. It was just me and Drey back then. He was our dog. When Robbie married me in 2004 he agreed to take on a sassy, headstrong wife, an ornery 10 year old Drey, 2 cats – M.D. & Lucky, Rudy my chocolate lab and the youngest one – Pierre. I’m the only one left.

I’ll never forget when Drey met Pierre. He had been at his Dad’s when I adopted him and I asked Fred to come over so they could meet him. I remember them walking in the front door… Drey was just 7. Fred looked at Pierre and said, “what is it” with a look of “wtf?” on his face. Pierre had huge ears – he was quite unique looking! Drey of course got on the floor with him right away to say hello. Sweet memories.

When Pierre got sick in May 2013 – I was dealing with my first Mother’s Day without Drey. And Drey’s first birthday in heaven and the first anniversary of his death were just weeks away. I prayed through sobs after leaving Pierre at the vet that God would give me just 6 more months with him. I just wanted to get through a little longer before I’d have to say goodbye to him. The next day I visited him at the vet. He still wasn’t himself but he was a little better. Day 2 they called and said I could take him home at the end of the day! I was sooo relieved! So I had my Pierre for over a year after that. God answered my prayer and I am very grateful I had my nighttime spoonapolooza buddy during the 2nd year of this heavy grief.

I love you Pierre. And I hope you, Rudy and Drey are together again.

7 thoughts on “Pets become part of our family. I will miss my Pierre.

  1. Hi Denise- I am sorry about Pierre. It is devastating to say goodby to a pet. I wanted to tell you I landed in the hospital last week and am having surgery tomorrow. My back finally blew on me. I can’t walk or sit. Please pray I get along ok. It is a three month recovery with a big back brace. Thanks Denise. E

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    • I remember having everyone over from VS then releasing him. He jumped all over everyone and all over the couch 🙂
      I will miss him. He became a very calm sweet old man the past few years. He was my buddy.

  2. Oh Denise, I am so sorry to hear this! I could loan you Snoop butt for a few days he would help you to know very quickly that you don’t want anymore minis!! Snoop and I send hugs and kisses!

  3. Well…you know my heart on this….I love you and am sorry you have to process this now too….So grateful God and Pierre gave you even a little more time…lovin the snuggles referance…Moon was my big guy for that too….so now I belive Mr P is at peace….running free and I am sure greeted by all….your crew and mine…Moondog, Myra, Nancy, etc….with renewed life in the fields of gold….until we meet again….Sending you (((HUGS)))… Always, S

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