23 years ago

23 years ago I was walking in my neighborhood. 

23 years ago I was digging at the poison ivy on my leg. 

23 years ago we were making phone calls. 

23 years ago I was taking one last look at the room you’d soon call your own. 

23 years ago I was packing up a bag. 

23 years ago I was deciding which onesie you’d wear home.

23 years ago I was clueless. 

Would I do it all again? Yes. Again and again and again. Being your mom is a blessing, a joy, a privilege.

I miss you baby. I miss you so very much. ❤️

4 thoughts on “23 years ago

  1. Beautiful Denise. I still love to read your posts! Did you ever look at the Pinterest site I sent you of the mom who is pinning a different heart a day for her son who took his life. They all are symbolic. I get her email every day and love to look at each heart. We went to the cemetery today. It breaks my heart to see Paul on the ground clipping grass from Matts marker. Such pain! I know these next weeks will be tough as you get closer to the four year anniversary. I will be thinking about you. Ellen Sent From My iPhone

    Best Regards, Ellen Schoonover Personalized Assistance Area Consultant International Professional Relations, Inc. (IPR) Cell: 614-208-3746 epschoon@msn.com


  2. So poignant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    Our son’s birthday is coming up soon. I’ve been scanning photographs and negatives into digital format and just recently scanned photos from the day of Jason’s birth. Such hopeful joy in each picture. As you, I’m so incredibly blessed to have been Jason’s mom and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


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