little blond boys with glasses do it to me every time

I’m sitting here at Panera enjoying some quiet time. Praying silently. Meditating. Yes, it’s sometimes better to get away from the distractions of home in order to enjoy some intimacy with God. I don’t hear laundry, dust or dishes shouting for attention when I’m here. But there’s always that chance of seeing a teenager with that soccer build or – like this morning – a cutie patutie blond boy with glasses.

Drey was 5 when he got his first pair of glasses. Little round glasses with dolphins on the frames. He wore them with pride. The roundness of them somehow matched those pudgy, round, chipmunk cheeks he had. I smile and tear up at the same time just thinking of that little 5 year old face. I have a picture of him at a Christmas recital where he was wearing his brand new glasses. He was all smiles. I’d like to get that picture out. But not now. It’s too soon to look at any pictures other than the ones already sitting out.

I’ve been sitting here long enough now… I think the Mom and little boy have left. It’s safe to walk towards the exit.

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