Glimpses of Drey

Those eyes. Oh my goodness those eyes. I’m staring at him. He’s talking to me. No, he’s talking at me. I’m not listening. He looks at the cash register then he looks back at me and I’m still staring at those eyes. What am I supposed to say? “Don’t mind me staring at you. You’re about the age my son should be and you have eyes just like his?” Instead I just stare at him.  He probably thinks I’m some creepy old lady. I let my imagination go it’s own way for just a minute… what if’s, what should’ve beens. 

Why do these experiences happen at Panera so often? Damn you Panera, damn you. 

2 thoughts on “Glimpses of Drey

  1. I had it happen at Chick Fil A in
    Tennessee and the guy behind the counter not only looked identical but he also acted like Matt in his mannerisms. Not only did I stare, but started crying. It really shook me up. It was hard to take my eyes off of him.
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  2. I have seen people in cars and your just sure … that glimpse… the silhouette… the nose, chin, hair color… for an instant wow did I really see them … had it all been a mistake…gladly accepting I got it wrong I miss understood… not letting myself stay in the illusion too long thus making it harder to accept back the reality…. bless you … love you… love them…

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