You know my pain

Dear Heavenly Father I ache, I hurt. You know the battle in my mind. The battle I don’t want to write or talk about. You know the depths. God I want to thank you and praise you even in the midst of this grossness. Not for what happened. Dear God no, not for what happened. But because this isn’t the end of Drey’s story.

But God to have him back. Right here. On this couch. “Scratch my back Mom.” Just typing his name, breathing his name, opens the floodgate.

You alone know this battle. You are my redeemer, the perfect lover of my soul. You know. I’m not alone in this loneliness. Your Spirit speaks to my family, my friends and even to strangers. You reach me through them. You hear my heart. You hear their prayers. You comfort. You protect. Thank you for knowing my pain.

4 thoughts on “You know my pain

  1. I do know your pain and I so admire what you are doing with it. You are giving it to the only One who can turn it into beauty and give the glory back to Him. Thank you for sharing so freely and with such candor. May God bless you for what you are doing… giving hope to others who have suffered the loss of a child from suicide.

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