Not a tear will be wasted

I received my last daily GriefShare email today. Hard to believe I’ve read 365 of them already. It feels like closure receiving that last one. Only there’s not closure.

I praise You God as I continue turning my new life over to You because You promise not a single tear will be wasted. I didn’t ask for this sorrow but I sure as hell want to learn every single thing I possibly can from it. No tear wasted.

One of my dear friends was over recently and she confessed that she went through a stage where she was asking You for her old friend back. It was hard to hear. It was humbling because I was once again reminded there’s no snapping out of this and going back to “normal.” I know I’m different in many ways. She said “but I like this new, softer, Denise.” I believe her. I am blessed to have her by my side.

My life is not my own. It belongs to You. It always has. I’m just more aware and cooperative these days.

GriefShare email:
Run to God
Day 365

Your recovery from grief is likely not complete, but we pray that you are encouraged to grow forward on your journey. We wish God’s best for you.

“The greatest and deepest Christians I’ve ever met are not the ones with the advanced degrees and not the ones who are always happy and cheerful, but they are people who have found God to be faithful in the worst moments of life,” says Dr. Ray Pritchard. “Instead of running away from God, they ran toward Him. And they know things about God that the rest of us haven’t yet experienced.”

Run to God, and praise His name.

3 thoughts on “Not a tear will be wasted

  1. Thank you my dear Denise that was just what I needed to hear today!! I always run away! You give me much hope! Thank you God for loving Denise more than any of us can and being by her side, carrying her!! I love You Denise!

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